Author Topic: Salagen VS Pilocarpine  (Read 378 times)


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Salagen VS Pilocarpine
« on: November 11, 2017, 12:13:50 PM »
I know you'll wonder why I started a thread about this...but honest- I searched.  I even searched for each/individually.  Crazy.

This month my drug company substituted Salagen for Pilocarpine.  I've only used it a few days.  I have a creaky knee right now, and I am unstable.  So I don't know if it bothered me the first day or two--that is I would have ignored thinking it was instability..but the last two days, I have been flattened.

We all sweat after taking this drug...I only have the prob after a.m. dose.  Infrequently I will perspire after evening dose.  Okay...yesterday I was still doing my a.m. news dose, computer stuff and realized I was having chills.  HARD chills.  I realized I had sweated excessively and as I went to stand up I was so dizzy I was afraid to stand.  I sat forward, then stabilized my feet, stood up...meandered to the sofa and crashed.  Chills continued.  I fell asleep...and woke up more than warm.  Uncomfortably warm.  I was still unsteady.  I leveled off after a couple of hours---and think I was fine.

So, this a.m. came, and the same thing happened.  Chills not hard, and sweating not as profuse.  Again, an hour's nap...and woke up comfortable as far as temp went. 

The ONLY diff is the change in the choligenic (sp?) I am taking.  I looked up side effects and since it's virtually the same drug, both list dizziness.  How could I have taken this drug for 4 years and never noticed this.  I am 75 years old. I always think of my age first--but not this time. 

Question??  Have any of you had this effect?  Have any of you taken both these drugs?  Have any of you had this effect by either one and changed to Evoxac?

I dread tomorrow a.m.

Thx for input,
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Re: Salagen VS Pilocarpine
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 08:10:55 PM »
Pilocarpine is the generic for Salogen and is usually cheaper. I took the pilocarpine without any problem. Both of these drugs will make you sweat because they affect the parts of the system that increases moisture which also includes sweating. I cut down and took 1/2 mgm and did pretty good on that and did not sweat as much, I can sweat without taking the drug so it didn't bother me as uch as some people. Irish


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Re: Salagen VS Pilocarpine
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2017, 10:20:13 AM »
I have had both Salagen (pilocarpine) and Evoxac.  They were about the same.  Even as the generic Pilocarpine, the cost for me is $140 for 3 months.

I take 20 mg Pilocarpine a day.  I don't have extra sweating, or any sweating to speak of, actually.

For a while I had profuse sweating suddenly from my head after exertion in hot weather.  That is gone now, thank goodness.

I have temperature dysregulation, with a body temp of about 96.5-97.5 and a sensation of being hot all the time.  If I am cold, everyone else is in hypothermia.  And of course my feet are icy cold all the time, or else one is hot and one is cold.  Ain't we got fun?

Regards,  Elaine
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