Author Topic: Dental work , crowns orthodontics  (Read 800 times)


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Dental work , crowns orthodontics
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:38:13 AM »
Hi all,
 Ive been having a really rough go of it with my dry mouth issues .. painful roof of mouth etc.  I was just diagnosed last month and had symptoms for about 4 years.     My teeth have shifted  inward over the years and I think my mouth sores and sticking are compounded my the angle of my teeth. My dentist had mentioned invisilign of which I am so scared.... I could also wear a splint which would help.. either way I am concerned and scared but need to do something.. It is affecting my speech.. just wondering if anyone has any experience or direction on this...

Thanks all,


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Re: Dental work , crowns orthodontics
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 12:29:16 PM »
   I had burning tongue for several years before dx.  I suffered...couldn't eat...eventually puddings, soups, ice cream.  Lost a lot of weight.  At same time I had "cottage cheese" mouth (my name for it...not anyone else's) for about 2 years before dx.  I literally "washed" it with a clean wash cloth.  Took a few days to a week to reappear.  Of course, YOU know,,,,and most know, I had thrush.  I never took med or used anything on it.  Still strange to me.  I thought thrush was what babies had.  I was still working, and I had to "wash" it off as I sometimes worked in front of a mirror with students...couldn't have them see that!  Anyway--the thing is: the roof of my mouth NEVER hurt as you state yours does.  The sides of my mouth hurt..but not like my tongue hurt. 

    The product which was NOT available when I was suffering that is Biotene Gel.  OTC and/or at Amazon.  Even now...each time I put the gel on my tongue...I put my tongue on the roof of my mouth...smear it all over it.  It's a miraculous normal feel...not for long...but brief respite is great.

The other product I used (for the tongue) is OraSoothe.  This is a natural product (actually made with spices, natural herbs) which you gargle for x amount of time, then "can" swallow--I never did...I spit it out.  btw: this stuff will burn the bejeezus out of whichever portion of your oral cavity is hurting.  The first few days you can barely stand it...then it lessens and lessens.  It is a product created for cancer patients who have had chemo to any area around the face, neck, head.  Radiation too.  The treatments can burn your mouth --just a condition.  Only difference is after chemo and/or radiation, post cancer patients regain their surfaces...we don't!  I use it now every few months for a day or two and then it subsides. 

If you are not on meds for saliva, try Xylimelts (avabl on Amazon).  This especially helps when you are speaking a lot.  I was still doing speech therapy when suffering the worst symptoms.  The water I consumed between sessions was immense.  Of course, I could barely make it thru a session...go to the bathroom and consume another liter of water!  If only I had discovered Xylimelts.

Oh..I am old.  75.  So you can live a long time before getting a dx and meds.  Treat one spot at a time until your meds kick in for you.

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