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It's been awhile...
« on: June 14, 2017, 12:13:34 PM »
It's been awhile since I've posted and I thought I'd give you guys an update. I've been on Plaquenil for eight months now and have noticed a significant change in how I feel. I have SO much more energy, but I'm still on steroids. The rheumatologist has lessened the dose from 5mg to 2.5. The latest blood work said my white blood cell count is high, which isn't uncommon for me. They said that some levels in my kidneys were elevated but not alarming. I'm not sure what that means, but I go back to my PCP tomorrow to have follow-up blood work. I started taking prenatal vitamins and biotin to help with hair loss and it seems to be working.

I still don't have answers on the body twitches or the weakness in my hands. It doesn't seem to be getting worse. But when the weakness hits and if I'm holding something, if I don't use my other hand, the object I'm holding will fall.

That's about it. I hope you all are doing well.

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