Author Topic: Call out about this years first trip MPLS to Baton Rouge  (Read 2078 times)


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Re: Call out about this years first trip MPLS to Baton Rouge
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Most wonderful history (to me) in the BR/NOLA area is river road.  Plantation houses.  Magnificent.  My book is Plantations of Louisiana.  Lists hundreds of plantation homes.  It's an old book.  Many of them may be gone...or (hopefully) more magnificent.  They aren't found just along the southern route, yet going north..and actually scattered all over LA.  Few are open any longer.  Over the years I've taken many pics of these magnificent homes.  In the early 90s, there were still a few B & Bs either in a home itself or in a nearby new cabin built.  Many of these homes have retained some of the out buildings no longer in use: stable, carriage house, detached kitchens, etc. Not ALL of those on each property, more like one or two about every 10th one you see.  Other point about books on the plantation homes, there are many...along with maps.  Happy Trails!
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