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« on: November 29, 2013, 05:36:32 PM »
Over the last 6 months or so, I have been having trouble with my left eye.  Off and on, it will feel like something is in my eye and it hurts so bad and drives me up the wall.  Eventually, after using drops, it goes away only to come back another day.  When it happens, I always check my eye and can't find anything in it.  Well, it happened again yesterday and I went to the mirror once again but this time I pulled out the upper eyelid and low and behold, it was a stye.  So tiny yet it hurt so much.  That is probably what has been happening to my eye all along, I just never pulled out the eyelid before to look.  Is this something that is common with Sjogrens?  Until about 6 months ago, I have never had problems with styes before. 

I looked online and said 'Styes are usually caused by a combination of a clogged oil gland and staphylococcal bacteria, which often live right on the skin surface.'  I know it's not from bad eye hygiene as I wash my face and eyes every night before going to bed.  Just curious if anyone else has this problem.


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Re: Styes
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I went through a time my left eye got them frequently. Now my right eye is starting. My new Dr said to put warm compresses on it. My old Dr gave me anti biotic for it.
Sorry you have to deal with this. It's annoying, I am convinced it's part of the dry eye.


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Re: Styes
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Thanks bina1.  I am sorry you are having to deal with this also.  I agree it is annoying!


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Re: Styes
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Shay, yes, I get these, but mostly on the ridge of the eyelid (like where you put eyeliner when you put "inside" your eye). Think it would be much worse to have it under my lid. So sorry!

Like bina, my doc said to do hot compresses to bring the infection to the surface and this works well.

It could also be from your drops if you're touching the drops container to your eye. I know that when I use the gel, sometimes it likes to stick to the edge and I will accidentally touch my lid with the edge. Use a clean Q-tip when you apply those thick drops.

Hope that helps a bit.

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