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Currently Recruiting:Baminercept in SJS
« on: June 30, 2013, 02:39:01 PM »

There are 12 sites currently recruiting for Baminercept in Sjögren's Syndrome. Phase 2
Site: ACE Autoimmunity Centers of Excellence,ögren's_syndrome-Diagnosis_and_Treatment.pdf


Information on Baminercept (search)

"Study goals:
Primary Sjögren’s syndrome is a disease in which a person’s own immune cells attack their tear and salivary glands causing dry mouth and dry eyes. Joint pain and fatigue are also common symptoms. Primary Sjögren’s syndrome is the second most common autoimmune disorder and affects close to four million people in the United States. The exact cause of the disease is still unknown; and currently no treatment is capable of modifying the disease. In this research study, baminercept is being used as an investigational therapy for primary Sjögren’s syndrome. We will evaluate baminercept’s effectiveness and safety for treating the symptoms and signs of Sjögren’s syndrome. The study will also provide information about baminercept’s affect on the underlying immune mechanisms of primary Sjögren’s syndrome. A description of this research study is available on (NCT01552681)"
Sjogrens ANA 1:640; SS-A/B+; Fibro; IBS; Neuro symptoms,Thyroid Anti-bodies; Ocular Rosacea, Livedo reticularis,

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