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hidradenitis suppurativa
« on: October 09, 2012, 11:30:39 AM »
Does anyone else suffer with this?  Since starting Rituximab I have had repeated abcesses, cysts and boils in my groin, armpits, tummy and sides of breasts.  They have always been treated as one - off incidents and I've been given antibiotics regularly.

This recent abcess on the side of my breast is in line with the previous 3 under my arm and is sooo painful and debilitating.  Even melolin dressings stick and I really dread having to change it.  I saw my GP yesterday as it was leaking green stuff and blood and he took a swab and said it might be hidradenitis suppurativa. 

Apparently, uncontrolled inflammation could cause it as my RA has not really responded well to anything yet.  Or it could be a side effect of Rituximab and MTX.  I've not been able to have the MTX foe over a month now and will be at least another 2 weeks on these antibiotics.  I'm starting to sieze up and feel a lot more pain and my eyes and mouth are becoming drier again (they have been well controlled by the MTX for a couple of years.)

Just wondering if anyone else has this or has heard of it?  xx Ailsa
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Re: hidradenitis suppurativa
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2012, 11:45:42 AM »
I have had hidradenitis (hs) since puberty when it typically rears its head.  It usually begins bottom up or top down. Mine started in my groin area at the age of 15 on Christmas Eve where I spent the night in emergency having it lanced.  I have had over 20 of them lanced in my life. In my 30s they moved to my armpits and back and at 40 under my breasts.  Now, I don't have any; once I eliminated dairy (especially cheese), sugar, processed food, and quit smoking a few years ago , I no longer get them.

I once thought they were hormone related, but I kept a journal of breakouts and could never piece that together. Stress also plays a role.  The week after a stressful situation, I would get one.  I am currently on Plaquenil because I am not ready to take MTX--I hope that it is not a side effect as one day I may have to take the plunge. 

Warm baths for 20 min every hour will help bring them to a head and pop (but only if they are around the surface. Do NOT try this if they are deep, as it may inflame them). Only after they popped would I take an antibiotic and after a while I learned how to manage them so I wouldn't need the dr. 

HS is another autoimmune.  Our sweat glands do not function properly creating abscesses in the glands.  My mom has Crohns and a mild case of HS and my oldest son has it too.

Hope this helps and you find relief soon.  I truly feel your pain and I am sorry anyone has to have AI. 

Hugs ~


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Re: hidradenitis suppurativa
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2012, 10:34:00 PM »
sceezix, THat was the best information that you just posted on the HS. It is such a miserable problem and people are not aware of its cause. I'm sure that people are embarrassed to complain because they just assume that maybe their hygiene isn't good enough ot something.

And, yes, do not squeeze the "boils" as that can cause more inflammation and deeper infection that can be really hard to manage. Thanks again for the info. Irish