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A couple questions...
« on: July 14, 2012, 09:19:39 PM »
A couple questions for you all....

Has anyone taken Cipro before and did it cause you to feel awful?  This is round two of it and both times I've had a horrible surge in joint pain and fatigue. If I recall right, I think the Rheumy might have said it could cause this.  If so I'm going to start requesting NOT to have that called in when I'm ill.  I don't really react much to other meds except PCN, so I'm a little baffled by Cipro.

Also, do any of you get hip/tailbone pain and will your Rheumy treat you for it?  I don't know if this is sciatica or what but it hurts to sit and feels like I have a brick pressing against my tailbone when I'm standing.  I hope it's nothing serious, but I think I may give him a call Monday. It's been going on for almost three weeks now.  I wasn't due to see him till Aug 14th but I think we may have to make it sooner. :/

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Re: A couple questions...
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I don't know about the tailbone, but some people do have very negative reactions to Cipro, including a sudden and sometimes dangerous drop in white cells. My husband almost died from taking Cipro, though that sort of really strong reaction is extremely rare - most people who have trouble seem to react like you did. The literature indicates that it's an extremely safe antibiotic that almost nobody reacts too, but I don't think that's true - I have heard about too many bad reactions. And there ARE alternatives. Please do tell your doc - they may need to test your white cell count.

Sorry that happened to you!!!!  :(
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Re: A couple questions...
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As someone who is recovering from a fractured tailbone I can say that yes you should talk to your doctor about it, and sooner rather than later.  I had a bad fall so I knew what to attribute the pain to. It does hurt to sit. Do you remember hurting it or do you have osteoporosis? I sat on a pillow on the couch for more than four weeks. It hurts worst when you sit down and also when you get up and the pressure is relieved. I don't have the brick feeling but try squeezing your but cheeks together. If that is very painful you know that there is probably a fracture there. If it is a fracture there isn't really anything they can do for it except for let it heal. My chiropractor said no climbing stairs, no bending over, and no carrying anything over 5 lbs. 

If you have not  had an injury that you know of then it could be any of a number of causes, including a herniated disk pressing on a nerve. The sooner you get it checked out the better.

Hope this helps.

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Re: A couple questions...
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2012, 09:38:30 PM »
my seeking dx for sjogrens began with my tailbone pain.  I sit at a desk all day on a memory foam pad, and my tail bone kills me--when my inflammation is high.  Since changing my diet and reducing stress the pain in my tailbone has gone mostly away. They did however, do an MRI for Ankelosing Spondilitis (sp) to rule out this Auto Immune instead of Sjogrens. Though, AS was ruled out. They figure that since I broke my tailbone in 30 years ago, that is where my inflammation settles when i have a flare up.  You are the only other person I have come across with this sucks i know.  My pain radiates from tailbone to hips down to my heels. No fun. 

Diet has worked the best for me and I take no meds for SS right now.  Gluten free, dairy free, meat free, sugar free. Raw Vegan.  I feel so much better.  If and when I eat wrong, I feel it in my tailbone immediately. 

I hope you find the help and comfort to free you from your pain. Please talk to your Rheumy if you have one and ask them to do further testing.  The treatment for AS is different than SS.