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plaquenil sulphate question
« on: April 29, 2012, 08:28:01 PM »
I read on another forum that someone had to stop taking PS because they become allergic to the sulphate.  I have been curious about plaquenil that maybe it could help with joint pain and fatigue but my doc hasnt brought it up and I havent either, for now I figure maybe I would wait on that if things got worse since I have bad MCS and don't tolerate a lot of things well.

have any of you heard of people getting sensitive to the sulphate? I have been concerned because its in another med I take prn and I cant tell if I may react to the sulphate or not because I get so many weird symptoms anyway but in past I reacted poorly to  magnesium sulphate but could tolerate other forms so tried to avoid it, plus someone named Rich Van Konynenberg, a scientist who has researched glutathione and methylation issues in CFS etc hypothesizes that sulphate could contribute to possibility of gut issues with hydrogen sulfide production etc and i think having a healthy gut is key with good health.

but sometimes its a choice of lesser evil....
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