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« on: February 18, 2012, 06:30:05 PM »
Hi All,

I was recently diagnosed with Sjogren's. A similar story that all of you surely know, my eye lids stuck to my eyes and stripped the corneas, my mouth was so dry I felt as though I was licking a chalk board and the sores were more than annoying. Hands and feet losing color in not so cold weather.

My really annoying problem now: I ITCH!! My eyes itch, my scalp itches, inside my ears itch, my hands itch, my shoulder blades itch, my neck itches, the bottoms of my feet itch ... I think my eye lashes and finger nails and toe nails even itch. I use vegetable shorting as a moisturizer because nothing else works at all, and I have tried so many products. I also have hydro-cortisone at my bedside.

Does anyone else have this problem? Seriously, if I could get the inside of my ears to stop itching I could claim victory. I have used olive oil, hydro-cortisone, sweet oil ... so many attempts. I avoid Q-tips.

I'll be going for some testing this week to see if there is any systemic damage.



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Re: Itching
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I am so thankful you posted this!  This last week I almost made my hubby toss out our bed cuz I thought there must be something here I am allergic too.
I did see my Dr and they are running a full battery of tests ie, skin, environmental, food. I am at what the dr says " only half symptomatic" of everything. Thus I. Have signs of vasculitus but not completely, I have signs of allergies but they expect a worse rash. In the mean time I am itching like I am crawling with unseen bugs everywhere.

So I say all this to say Your not alone!   And I look forward to many answers here!

Blessings. 12love


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Re: Itching
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Oh gosh, I get the inside of the ear itch too and I know how that can drive a person CRAZY. I do use Q-Tips to apply medicine in there - I know we're not supposed to but there's no way I can get the steroids in my ear without them. But of course, I usually end up using the Q-Tip to scratch the inside of my ear  :-[ Both of my children have eczema, so I have stronger steroids on hand than over the counter hydrocortisone, and sometimes I will use Desonide or hydrocortisone 2.5% and the stronger steroids (these are still mild enough to use on the face) do help.

Have you tried CeraVe moisturizing cream? (The cream - not the lotion). I used to have really itchy skin but the same CeraVe I use for my daughters eczema has largely taken care of my all over body itching. I still occasionally get localized itches that just come out of nowhere, but Desonide tends to calm those patches down.

Good luck and I hope you find something that helps!
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Re: Itching
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I was officially diagnosed by the Oral Health Dr after a mouth biopsy. My next stop is to the Rhemutologist to check for systemic damage from the Sjogren's. I've been going to doctors for quite some time, for various reasons, and have complained about my ear canals itching. All they have ever said is something like, "the skin in your ears must be dry" or "don't use Q-tips" or (oh, yes they did say this) "it could be your imagination".

My hope is that now that I have the diagnosis of Sjogren's that the Rhemutologist will help me out and be able to prescribe something that will calm the itching down. By hearing that others have had the same problem I feel I will be able to walk in there letting him know this is not uncommon. This is only my second visit to the Rhemutologist, the first began and ended with, "We just have to wait for the biopsy to come back to the Oral Health doctor. Come back in three weeks".

I think because I am at the beginning of treatment and because I have been so uncomfortable and tired for so long  I am frustrated and worn out.

I am sure that it will all be OK, it is just not OK today.