Author Topic: Painful menstrual cycle-endometriosis?: topic courtesy warning  (Read 3860 times)


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Re: Painful menstrual cycle-endometriosis?: topic courtesy warning
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2011, 04:47:18 AM »
I had severe endo and had a total hyster 4 years ago and it was the biggest mistake of my SS and lupus has not stopped flaring, and i
cant tolerate much of any hormone replacement. My stomach hurts 99% more now and fear the endo is prob back anyways...just and FYI..

I would have the lapascopic surgery just to see whats going on..there is no other way to tell.

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Re: Painful menstrual cycle-endometriosis?: topic courtesy warning
« Reply #16 on: January 18, 2011, 03:12:18 PM »
Well I had my appt today and the new doctor OBGYN and she thinks it's the IUD (Paragard).  She thinks it's a good idea to remove it -  :o which scares me to death since it hurt so bad getting it put in.  She said that it could be that it is not sitting right or may have shifted and since tissues become engorged during my cycle, it could be irritating the surrounding tissues.  She concluded this when I told her that I noticed the pain on the side after I had it placed (which I did), so she may be on to something.  Worse case, it's not it and we can move on to the next theory.

Now the problem becomes that if we do this, I WILL choose not to have this IUD anymore.  When I had it placed, because of the pain during the procedure I decided that I would not have it again (some people have minimal pain so not everyone is the same).  Then it becomes what kind of birth control would be the option.  Both my rheumy and neuro say no to hormones due to my migraine history.  That leaves I guess vasectomy  ::) - yeah doubt that's going to happen - or tubal ligation  :-\


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Re: Painful menstrual cycle-endometriosis?: topic courtesy warning
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2011, 04:57:13 PM »
It's good to hear that you got an appointment and the doctor is taking your case seriously.  Let's hope that once the IUD is removed the pain improves.

When I read your first post I was sure it was endometriosis - I could have written your description myself!  As others have said, the pain is so severe you can't move, or speak, or think.  The back passage pain also sounds classic endo - that endo can be found just about everywhere and anywhere.  Pain with IUD insertion is also common with endo.

It can't be a coincidence that so many Sjoggies have endometriosis too.  Maybe we should all start asking our rheumies what they know about endo; and our gynaes what they know about Sjogrens?  Do any of you also have mitral valve prolapse?  That's very common in women with endo.  I wonder if it's the same with Sjogrens?

Thinking of you - Chickpea

ps I would reckon that a vasectomy is the least he could do after all you've been through!


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Re: Painful menstrual cycle-endometriosis?: topic courtesy warning
« Reply #18 on: January 18, 2011, 07:30:55 PM »
Certainly could be endo, and could be many other things as well.

It's NOT normal to have 10 day periods, and not normal to be doubled over in pain.

I'm glad you've gotten an earlier appointment, and have one other thing thing to suggest that you might want to say to/ write to the doctor -

"Do you treat acute problems, as well as routine ones? If I call with massive bleeding and extreme pain, I expect to be examined to make sure there is no problem that would require immediate attention, such as cancer, a spontaneous miscarriage, an atopic pregnancy.  If you genuinely can't schedule me, I expect an immediate referral to someone who can deal with this immediate problem. "

Wow - I've got my "Miss Assertive" hat on tonight. If only I could come up with these thoughts when I'm having the problem.
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Re: Painful menstrual cycle-endometriosis?: topic courtesy warning
« Reply #19 on: January 18, 2011, 08:15:00 PM »
Thanks for the support Chickpea and warmwaters

Chickpea, its interesting that you brought up the back passage pain because I forgot to mention that we spoke about that in more detail.  We actually went back to the birth of my son and how when I gave birth it caused a bruise to my tailbone as he was being delivered; with the extreme pain of the IUD insertion, and the pain of the cramping on the pressure on my bowels, she is also considering that I have a retroverted uterus.  I had never heard of that before.  No other OBGYN had ever told me that before, actually before today never heard of it but she makes sense.  She also says that could be why the IUD is not fitting properly.  Again, it is all speculation at this point but she rather take the non-invasive approaches first before going straight to other stuff.  I kind of appreciate that.

warmwaters, Love it!  I may just use that!  You know funny thing is that the OBGYN I saw today use to be in practice with my current OBGYN! Back when I first started seeing my OBGYN they were in the same office together, I never knew it... how weird is that.  LOL.  She told me all that when I told her who my doctor was, I nearly fell out of my stirrups. hehe