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UK naturopath
« on: January 12, 2011, 03:03:21 AM »
Now this is a l-o-n-g shot I know ... but ... does anyone out there know of a good UK naturopathic doctor who knows about Sjogren's (and ideally APS as well, but Sjogren's would be a great start!)? (I live in Kent, in the SE.)

I know there are several things out of whack with my biochemistry and I want them checked out but I also know that the orthodox medics will just trot out their standard serum blood tests and their textbook reference range values - and be absolutely no use whatsoever!

I have a good naturopathic doctor but her specialism is digestive.  I need someone who knows about Sjogrens.

Alternatively, does anyone know of an affordable way to get some blood tests done without involving a doctor?  That way I can assess the results myself in the first instance and then decide if I need medical advice.

Any suggestions anyone??????