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Re: When extreme exhaustion and depression hit suddenly...
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Hey Jenn,

It sounds to me like you're doing your best to be the best Mom you can be - while handling your own less-than-perfect Mom simultaneously. That's enough to make the healthiest person crumble. Kudos to you for reaching out for help.

I have a crazy Mom story myself and it's the hardest thing to come to terms with. I bet alot of us here don't have the kind of selfless, giving, compassionate Moms that we're using all our energy trying to be for OUR kids.

Isn't it crazy how your brain will keep whirring away, keeping you up way too late, if you don't nap during the day when you desperately need to?

I think I keep going on adrenalin to push me through the exhaustion when I think I have no other choice but to power through ("My kids, my kids! They need me! I'm neglecting them! They'll feel unloved and unwanted!" My shrink tells me that none of that is true. But in my case, they might kill each other if I take a nap...). Then when it's really time to sleep, I'm too far gone on the Duracell bunny path of adrenalin-powered activity to rest.

I'm in that mode now. Can ya tell?

Wishing you - and all of us - the wisdom to seize 40 winks when we need it