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I believe I may have posted this before.  This will clarify what I am saying about fibro and neuropathy.

Rather than just end the diagnostic voyage here, as the researchers did, if this process is indeed autoimmune, it may need suppression, in addition to palliative drugs such as Lyrica.  If one looks at the forums on peripheral neuropathy, which this is, one will find that most diagnosed with PN, undergo a vast array of tests to elucidate the cause of this problem.  Interestingly, in this study they only did the deltoid area.  I wonder why they didn't do the legs.

I hope this can help any one struggling with what has been termed Fibro.  Please keep an open mind when reading this.  I am saying the end point of this should not be Lyrica for all.


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Re: Fibromyalgia
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Interesting article, I know that my deltoids have the worst pain in the broadest area of my body, maybe this is the best area to get samples from.