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Re: Rheumatologists. Rant!
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First of all Sissy, I loved your story about your hubbies rheumy. Sort of like the story one of my aides told me a on nice Saturday. She called in and said she couldn't come to work because her cat had died. Makes about as much sense as what the rheumy said!!!!!!

I had asked my immunologist about the neck pain that I had for years that was so miserable. He said that more than likely the pain was from the inflammation in the thyroid. This inflammation slow destroys the thyroid.

My son got hypothyroid when he was about 32 or so and they have to watch him a lot as he has nodules that go up and down. He can tell when they are coming back as he has change in his health and needs his dose changed. He also can feel them when he swallows or just feels of his neck. So far they have no grown or stayed and no biopsy----yet!! He has several autoimmune diseases but he doesn't want to admit it yet.  Irish ;D