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Living With Sjogren's / Re: Plaquenil/AIP diet
« Last post by gmpurple on Today at 04:00:41 PM »
Thanks everyone.  I'll let you know how I make out with the diet.
We did a 2 hour tour of NOLA it covered the central business district (CBD as they call it). If I could walk better I sould of taken all of the side trips on the 3 day pass. At the end of the bus tour, one of the hosts suggested that we try Middendorf's restaurant on Interstate 55 about 30 minutes out. I had my usual Rib Eye, which had so much pepper and spice that after cleaning it off I could not finish it. I burned for an hour after. Jan had the sea food platter. She fell in love with the thin sliced fried catfish. I thought it looked like thin yellow crusted leather. She has had it again for lunch today and is hoping to find it for supper.

We spent last night (Wednesday) in Memphis. We got in so late that all we could do is order a small pizza for supper. We keep running into a lot of people on senior and other tours. This afternoon at one Love's in Arkansas, we found gas for $1.98/gal. So we had to fill up. It was $2.02 in Baton Rouge and has ranged up to $2.40 in Wisconsin.

We checked into the hotel in Springfield, IL again tonight. Jan may decide to spent two nights here to see everything. I have to chart courses for 1/2 day drive time if she does not want to spend a full day here. She is reclined in my chair and has been snoring for an hour. She is doing all the driving on this trip and I am randomly falling asleep. She pokes me to change the CD of what ever current book we are listening to. At each stop, we look for new books that we have not heard.
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Managing Sjogren's a Full Time Job?
« Last post by Joe S. on Today at 03:11:08 PM »
I am on 8 meds and 20 supplements. Most of my meds are for other issues. The meds for Sjogren's I am allergic to, so I use supplements. When you start out the DR visits are overwhelming. Then they are reduced. By the way you should check in with your dentist also.
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Finally - a test that shows something wrong
« Last post by Pete0211 on Today at 01:45:49 PM »
Oh, I have no issue as far as the rheumy dragging her feet. During my first visit, she told me that she's pretty confident I have Sjogren's, even though I was seronegative. The only concern I had was that she was trying to tie every ailment I had into Sjogren's (kidney stones, a shoulder surgery performed 23 years ago), and that she seemed too eager to get me on rituximab. I've only had two appointments with her so far, so it's hard to make any assumptions about her right now, other than she's been a wonderful doctor who takes plenty of time with me during our appointments.

It's just a small personal victory, even though I have had the symptoms for almost a year now.
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Down side of cutting out gluten?
« Last post by Pete0211 on Today at 01:38:22 PM »
I don't do gluten free, but I do restrict simple carbs. I use shirataki noodles (no oodles) as a replacement for pasta.
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Down side of cutting out gluten?
« Last post by araminta on Today at 01:21:41 PM »
Many thanks for your helpful replies.   It sounds as though it's worth trying.    I should have mentioned I am already vegan, so that does make me very aware of my protein intake.  (Irish, I use applesauce in cake recipes too).  I'm not celiac or diabetic.

This is going to be difficult, as I love pasta, bread and biscuits. and my lunches at present always include two slices of bread.   As AnneNeville says, quick snacks usually seem to contain gluten.    I'll see what I can do. ::)
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Down side of cutting out gluten?
« Last post by Sooki on Today at 10:50:55 AM »
If you're not diabetic and are just trying to alleviate Sjs symptoms, I'd say go for it.  Becoming gluten-free helped my overall inflammation greatly and took away my joint pain for several years, from diet alone. And when I progressed to needing medication, I needed less when I ate right for me.   Not everyone has that reaction, but if you do, you're one of the lucky ones who are able to have some control over how you feel.

Gluten is not an essential nutrient.  Health and diet implications depend on whether you substitute healthier or less healthy foods for that calorie slot.  Gluten-free baked goods are not any healthier than their wheaty forms and in some cases more starchy.  But, unless you eat a lot of bread, that difference probably won't matter.  Many gluten-free people find themselves eating fewer of the empty-calorie-type baked goods simply because they aren't as readily available.  Treats require more planning.

Good luck to you and let us know how it turns out!
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Managing Sjogren's a Full Time Job?
« Last post by CureSjogrensNow on Today at 10:38:48 AM »
Yes. This is exactly what it is like.
Living With Sjogren's / Re: blogs?
« Last post by CureSjogrensNow on Today at 10:37:45 AM »
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Down side of cutting out gluten?
« Last post by irish on Today at 07:41:20 AM »
One of the things that I found from cooking GF for my celiac hubby was that the fat content of foods can be an issue. Seems like the foods that you bake and cook contain a lot of fat and eggs and I would try to find ways to cut this down. I learned to use applesauce and non fat cream cheese in recipes.

It is hard to keep the fruit and vegetable intake up if one is celiac as the GI upset that comes from being celiac can still occur on a GF diet. Seems like the raw vegies and the acid from raw fruits can be a little taxing on the digestion.

Like mentioned earlier the AIC blood test for diabetes and blood test for cholesterol/lipids should be monitored. Also, if you are a celiac you need to watch your calcium intake more closely and also have dexascans to monitor your bone density. People with celiac disease will have a certain amount of malabsorption even though they are on the gluten free diet. Good luck. Irish

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