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Living With Sjogren's / Re: Salagen vs. Evoxac
« Last post by Pete0211 on Today at 06:06:48 PM »
1 - neither gave any noticeable effect.
2 - Salagen created too much saliva production when it worked. Evoxac is more of a natural feel. I have started noticing more saliva production while I sleep (leading to wet pillows), so I might try 2xday rahter than 3xday.
3 - Salagen is quick. About two and a half hours worth of over-effectiveness, then dryness until the next dose (was taking 7.5mg x 4 / day). I never had a problem waking in the middle of the night (due to dryness) to take that pill. I'm taking one Evoxac ~every 8 hours - and it seems effective for those 8 hours. No more waking up at night :)
4 - Salagen seemed to give me the sweats, especially at night when sleeping. I haven't noticed anything with Evoxac.
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Neuropathy?
« Last post by Deb 27 on Today at 04:45:31 PM »
Thank you for your replies, Carolina, Irish and Mom on Spin.

Whew, that's a pretty big dose of gabapentin, isn't it Carolina? But we do what we have to do to feel better. Neuropathy can really tough!!

I did some reading. It seems like I have a few of the symptoms of some neuropathy. 

 I am due soon for a 6 month check up at the rheumy's. They had to cut down on my plaquenil dose since I was having some tinnitus from it.

In the meantime, thank goodness for A/C!!!  I'd be in a lot of trouble without it!

Living With Sjogren's / Re: TSH again
« Last post by trc1962 on Today at 04:34:40 PM »
I posted on this thread on August 8th with a TSH of 7 something and 10 days later it was at 11 something...find a doctor who will treat you and get help. I didn't fight for help over a year ago when my tsh was higher than it should have been and it is going to take a long time to get things right for me hormonally. Wishing you well and a doctor who will help you.
Living With Sjogren's / Salagen vs. Evoxac
« Last post by Sharon on Today at 03:27:20 PM »
How do you find Salagen and Evoxac compare in terms of:
1- Tear production
2- Saliva production
3- Length of action
4- Side effects


Those of us that are having an especially difficult time have more of a systemic SJS.
As long as it remains only sicca symptoms you can live a fine life.
As others have written, you'll find ways to deal with the dryness trough trial and error.
Living With Sjogren's / Re: Soft tissue swelling
« Last post by Sharon on Today at 02:43:40 PM »
Thanks Sooki, many of those things seem to trigger my eyelid swelling as well, including all allergens,
and the area beneath my eyebrow swells more with dryness.
I've tried both cold and warm compresses, but my eyes don't like either and just swell more with them.
Great doc!

If you do it on your own, be sure to ASK!!
Living With Sjogren's / Re: I rites anyone
« Last post by jazzlover on Today at 02:35:02 PM »
I wondered what "I rites" was .. had to open this!!

So .. I know nothing  about iritis. Is it feeling any better now?
Living With Sjogren's / I rites anyone
« Last post by eye2dry on Today at 11:32:07 AM »

Hi to all.

My eyes have been great since starting Xiidra back in December.

A week ago my left eye felt like there was a dry spot over the pupil area and
It was tender. I then started in on OTC eye drops thinking Oh's starting up again.

Last Tuesday night my eye was looking bloodshot, vision blurry and the entire eye hurt.
On Wednesday morning it looked like a blood vessel broke and the pupil appeared smaller
In my left eye. They worked me in ASAP at my eye  diagnosed with iritis...the eye dr said my pain
Was coming from my iris spasming. He put drops in my eye to dilate my iris, said the drops
Will stay in 2 days and relieve pressure. I was RX 1% prednisone drops for my left eye.
 Every 4 hours.

It feels and looks better than it did. I am worried b/c 7 years ago my rheumatologist warned me
Of iritis...sclerosis from my RA.

Anyone know of this condition..

Living With Sjogren's / Re: Thyroid med causing oily hair and skin?
« Last post by trc1962 on Today at 09:00:12 AM »
Thanks for your thoughts Irish and you well could be right about the hormones and being low in thyroid for a long time. I am going to continue the present thyroid med as it has really slowed the shedding down and quite quickly. The average person could do fine just having a bit of oiliness but I must be the most sensitive woman on the planet hormonally and skin wise too. They are trying to get me in to the endo soon as school starts in less than 2 weeks and hopefully things will get ironed out. I had super low testosterone levels a couple of weeks ago but maybe the thyroid med upped that? Still just so sleepy and tired in the morning even after 9 hours of sleep, but the low cortisol could be to blame for that I guess. As the day goes on, I feel less sleepy - they thyroid med could be helping with that. Happy weekend to all.
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