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Title: Job searching symptom discussion
Post by: kathylee on April 29, 2008, 01:57:04 PM
I have to ramp up my job search....I don't know how to have the conversation about all my limitations..... LIke: Can't be on feet for any length of time, vsion problems, etc.   Sure appreciate any feedback............
Title: Re: Job searching symptom discussion
Post by: Pooh on April 29, 2008, 08:04:32 PM
I would have to say be up front and honest about your limitations, but also emphazie your qualications for the position you are applying for.

I think it's best to be honest, because these are things that will be noticed and may cause you problems. 

Title: Re: Job searching symptom discussion
Post by: irish on April 29, 2008, 08:41:51 PM
kathylee, I don't know what kind of qualifications you have, but I guess the first thing I would check out is the type of job it is. I would do a "silent search" on them before even getting close to talking with them. You need to know the working environment, the hours, the amount of stress etc. I would try and find someone who is working there and sort of just feel them out---don't tell them your plans. I know this sounds hard to do, but many times you ca get a feel for a business by checking out the website. They tell things on there that many times can be a surprise. We don't always know what a business does even if we have been aware of the business for years.

Like Pooh says, you will have to be honest with them, but I think the prospects of a job will be better if it is a notch below what you think you are capable. Sounds stupid, but many times when people have health issues the employer will hire them for a less important job and then when they get the chance to see the person in action they are more apt to advance them.

Remember, when you apply for a job and have a lot of health issues they know that if they don't hire you they may get hit with a discrimination claim. This will be a touchy subject. Have you googled much on this issue and checked out the federal and state guidelines? Are you getting disability and trying to get off or just trying to supplement your income.

I know that I would love to be able to get some part time work as in about 8 hours a week, but I know that I cannot do near what I did before. I still have a pretty good head on my shoulders, but I also know that my brain doesn't function like it used to all the time. I'm still dependable but unable to be assertive aggressive about anything at this point. Judge where you are at mentally and physically and see what you come up with. The stress alone in most jobs will drag down a person with autoimmune so that is a really big aspect of this whole ordeal. Good luck and let us know what kind of plans you come up with. Irish ;D
Title: Re: Job searching symptom discussion
Post by: kathylee on April 30, 2008, 12:49:28 PM
Thanks so much for your thoughts....your make good points. I am trying to supplement my income now. I have a Temp job thru AARP. They have a great jobs program for over 56. I work 4 days a week for 5 1/2 hours per day. My brain issues are significant!! If I eat my dried blueberries religiously I do better. I have 'dumbed down' my resume by necessity. I am going thru testing for my proximal muscle weakness which is one of my biggest issues. I have to seated 90% of the time and not have to walk more than a block to my desk. I currently work as an administrative assistant...fortunately I don't have to type letters and such but rarely cause I've never typed fast. I used to work for Square D electrical products and produced and designed their labeling and instructions. I have a 2 year drafting degree from 1982 and 2 years towards a social work degree I started before I got too sick in 1997 to continue.
Title: Re: Job searching symptom discussion
Post by: Jag on May 01, 2008, 10:53:22 AM
I hope your search goes well. My employer was aware of some of my health issues, and I just got fired yesterday. They said because it was within 90 days they don't have to give a reason, but I have a strong feeling it is because of health issues. They did mention time I had taken to go to doctors appts, but I had made that time up, and was given no warning prior to being terminated.

Title: Re: Job searching symptom discussion
Post by: kathylee on May 01, 2008, 02:30:32 PM
Wow you got fired.........sorry. I live in a state that is "at will" meaning they can fire without cause. I'm so happy to be working even as a temp. I just bought a new couch being optomistic. Not as conservative as usual for me. I haven't had a new piece of furniture for 30 years!