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Title: Couldn't believe what neurosurgeon told me yesterday
Post by: irish on August 16, 2019, 04:58:55 PM
I have had a C4C5 spinal fusion back in nov. 2017 plus have had the carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve issues. Have had 2 Carpal; tunnel surgeries on left and one on right and due to haves the right over. Anyway, I have had so much miserable neuropathy, tingling, pain you name it in my arms and hands and it has really challenged me in life.

I had complained of more symptoms and a MRI was ordered which showed some possible occasional pressure on my spinal cord at C5C6. My neurologist sounded worried that I might need surgery and she said it was quit tricky at my age.

So I went to neurosurgeon and he informed me that I probably do have a lot of issues as when they took me to surgery for fusion I was in serious condition. He said the vertebrae C4C5 I guess were sort of loose or in pieces and pounding on my spinal cord and it was bruised. Prior to that my MRI had showed the disc stuck at an angle compressing my cord. I really did not have much really bad symptoms prior to surgery and what I had I attributed to the carpal tunnel.

He is now reviewing my last MRI and I should know in the next week of he thinks there is anything that needs attention.Well, now I know what I have so many weird things with my body and why I have been so tired all the time. I also think that this is the cause of my urinary incontinence which is not constant but bad enough.

One of these days I might decide that I might be sick. lol  My neurosurgeon saw my list of diagnoses and he joked about the 64 things wrong with me. Thankfully a lot of that list is sort of piddly stuff. I wonder if sjogrens will affect the disc as mine was like shrunk up...dried up... We just dry up with sjogrens and then add old age. Good luck. Irish
Title: Re: Couldn't believe what neurosurgeon told me yesterday
Post by: Joe S. on August 16, 2019, 07:06:50 PM
I hope things work out for you.
Title: Re: Couldn't believe what neurosurgeon told me yesterday
Post by: SjoGirl on August 18, 2019, 04:09:23 PM
Oh, Irish! This is one reason why I ask so many questions when they want to do a procedure (which I am sure you did) and then later if a similar issue pops back up (see my note about liver cysts in my other post). I don't trust that docs will always remember to fill us in.

I hope they can find some way to give you some relief even if they can't fix the problem!
Title: Re: Couldn't believe what neurosurgeon told me yesterday
Post by: irish on August 18, 2019, 11:30:34 PM
He did tell me to an extent after surgery. He told me that I could have a lot of problems that would be with me the rest of my life. Most doctors don't tell you news like this because so many people will sit and worry and become agitated and just not do well. I also had compounded problems because I had bilateral carpal tunnel and ulnar compression.

I had and have so many symptoms of the carpal tunnel and they are the same or similar to the symptoms from damaged spinal cord. I have no idea what I am dealing with cause of overlapping or same symptoms. Then add sjogrens and diabetes and neuropathy and heavens knowns what is what.

The doctor did not cause the problem that caused me to be in serious condition. I had it when I was put on the operating table. MY disc had changed shape and caused problems by rolling around inside the vertebra. I am just thankful that the doc got me fixed up fast enough that I am still able to walk. My disc had compressed my spinal cord big time and doc scheduled surgery as soon as he could. I just got worse in those few days I waited. I wasn't emergency case when I first went to the doctor.

Many times people don't understand medical procedures or are unable to understand things so that may make a difference in how much and how a doctor tells a patient about various issues. Keeps us all on our toes, doesn't it. Irish

I did my homework and my neurosurgeon is pretty much great.
Title: Re: Couldn't believe what neurosurgeon told me yesterday
Post by: Carolina on August 19, 2019, 07:35:19 AM
Indeed, Irish:

The average person probably last 'studied' biology in High School.  I've had people tell me they have a problem 'down there' and they point (vaguely) to their midsection.

Ahhh, the midsection, full of problems 'down there'!

My cervical spine has been seriously degenerating since I was in my mid-40's.  But according to my orthopedic surgeon, 'surgery is not indicated'.  That means it hurts intensely, but doesn't appear to be damaging nerves to the extent that it causes arm/hand, and other body problems.

So, I have the fantasy that the right surgery would fix everything, or a least stop my pain....but that is just a fantasy when it come to cervical spine surgery.  A few people have told me that their cervical surgery was miraculous...but most were not so optimistic.

All of 'dem bones' in my body are in bad shape so they aren't 'gonna walk around, hear the words of the Lord' very well.

We've come this far, relying on each other for support.  Another day awaits me.

Love, Elaine