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Title: Calcium deposits in lungs
Post by: eye2dry on July 08, 2019, 06:49:14 PM
Hello to all.

Last month I had labs and chest xray so to start Orencia.
Today I called my rhuemy office b/c I hadn't heard of my CXR results.
I was told calcium deposits showed up on it. She went on to say it could be due to
Scarring from past lung infection.

Should I mention this to my primary dr at my next appt with him?
Has anyone else had this show up?

Title: Re: Calcium deposits in lungs
Post by: irish on July 08, 2019, 08:35:45 PM
I would mention this to him, intact, he should have a copy of the reports and sometimes a copy of the CD so he can study them. Also, do not be surprised if they order further scans to make sure it is old scarring and not recent active infections.

I have had experience with this and some of it was no issue and I also had an infection that needed some treatment. It is something you want to make sure about before starting any of the heavy duty drugs that can make one susceptible to infection. Do not panic!! Just make sure your doc knows. Also, did your rheumy give you the reports of the x-rays or did one of the nurses.

It is always best to have a doctor give a person the reports so we can ask the important questions that a nurse can't always answer or shouldn't legally answer. Doesn't everything always get more complicated!!!! Good luck with this. Irish
Title: Re: Calcium deposits in lungs
Post by: eye2dry on July 08, 2019, 10:25:51 PM
To Irish.

Ha ha.....the receptionist/insurance gal gave the report to me. When I was working
only nurses gave results...unless it was bad news...i.e...melanoma, bad pap smear results, then
the Dr. gave those personally.

Question. My husband's aunt had calcium deposits on her mammograms for years but her Dr never
said anything about relationship with those deposits and breast cancer.  Now, just 2 years ago she was dx
with breastfeeding cancer, had so then radiation.

Would lung calcium deposits be precursor to lung cancer.

Title: Re: Calcium deposits in lungs
Post by: irish on July 08, 2019, 11:10:21 PM
I wouldn't presume to make a judgement call on that cause calcium deposits show up in many places for all sort of reasons. I have some in my lungs from old histoplasmosis infection and now I have granulomas as a remembrance of my non contagious TB that I was on antibiotics 8 times a day for one year.

The best thing to do is to let your doctor know and let him make the call. I am hoping that your rheumy sent the radiologist report on your x-ray to your doctor. If he didn't you will have to call and asks them to do so. My clinic sends all reports of tests by mail from the doctor unless there is something doc needs to discuss with me. It takes that receptionists doing the job out of the equation. Good luck. Irish