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Title: Clindomycin & C. Diff
Post by: Judie P on May 16, 2019, 01:20:20 PM
About a month ago I wrote on my battle with C. Diff from Clindomycin (antibiotic).  Since then, I have been on Flagyl for 10 days (which did not work) and vancomycin for 10 days (which was working).  After the vancomycin for 10 days, the C. Diff started to return.  Last night I saw a Internal Medicine doctor (specialist) who does an urgent clinic at my medical center.  The first thing she said is that Clindomycin is the number one cause -- in the antibiotic world -- of C. Diff.  She hates to prescribe it, but sometimes it is necessary.  In my case, the MRSA (which started first) did not require clindomycin (but that is what the ER doctor gave me in March).  Dr. C (which is the internal medicine doc last night), was well aware of Sjogrens.  She took the time with me and my husband to go over the entire journey I have been taking, and even consulted with her own infectious disease group to make the decision on what to do for me.

The result is that this was not a reoccurring infection, but the original one that never went away.  The Flagyl was for mild to moderate cases, and mine was already severe (with blood, pus, etc.).  That is why it did not work.  The Vancomycin for 10 days (which my family practitioner doc gave me) was not long enough.  So, instead of being hospitalized and isolated, they are giving me six weeks of tapered Vancomycin and prescription probiotics to do the trick.  I need to bleach all surfaces (phones, toilets, etc.) at our business and at home.  My husband and I are required to thoroughly wash our hands for at least one minute each time we go to the bathroom (especially me), work with food, or deal with clients.

I guess what I want to say is that I hope none of you have to take clindomycin.  If for any reason you start having diarrhea for three days during or after taking clindomycin and it starts having pus or blood in it, see a doctor immediately.  I never had a fever or much pain and my stools were still formed, not watery.  Somehow the first ER doctor was able to get it through my medical center's lab and it came up positive for C. Diff, Toxin A and Toxin B.  I was lucky.  My medical center lab will not do a C. Diff test unless the stool is unformed and watery.  Ugh.

Looks like I am going to live through this at 68 yrs, but as the Internal Medicine doc said last night, "any autoimmune disease does not help your large intestines and colon to heal from C. Diff."    If the six weeks does not work, the next step is fecal implant and hospitalization.

Stay well!
Title: Re: Clindomycin & C. Diff
Post by: irish on May 16, 2019, 03:42:27 PM
I have been wondering how you were getting along as Vancomycin is needed usually to get through this. Are you doing the IUV liquid vancomycin given orally. That is how it used to be done years ago. And yes, Clindamycin is a bugger but needed at times. I had to have it with another antibiotic a couple of times with my terrible root canal infections.

Also, a lot of docs will give it as a once time dose pre-op. You are so lucky to have that god doc who took the time to go through this as c. diff is so tricky. I had a diagnosis of it one time as a growth without the toxins. I told the doc I had it cause of the odor of my stool and she was flabbergasted when it came back positive. You are also right about having to hove the liquid stools to be tested. Not always the case. Not everything follows the old book as they say.

Any of the noscomial infections or ones from antibiotics are so much work. With MRSA I always washed my towels in lysol liquid. They smell so bad that a couple rinses are needed. The cleaning up is time consuming and something you don't like to have to talk about as you wipe down in everything. Good luck to you as you heal and keep us updated on how you are doing. Irish
Title: Re: Clindomycin & C. Diff
Post by: Judie P on May 16, 2019, 04:01:35 PM
Thanks for remembering, Irish.  Yes, Lysol now has a rinse for cold water washes.  I soak clothes in it for 16 minutes, rinse and then wash.  The new rinse smells like fresh flowers (very strong).  Our whole house and business smells like bleach!  LOL  The liquid form of vancomycin was vancocin.  Lilly laboratories discovered it through dirt located in Borno.  The actual Vancomycin capsules were discovered in Lederle Laboratories in Pearl River, NY by Ronald Liptak, my uncle.  I am doing the capsules for six weeks with tapering.

4 x a day for 14 days.
3 x a day for 7 days.
2 x a day for 7 days.
1 x a day for 14 days.

I am sure my uncle is smiling in heaven!  I was his favorite neice!
Title: Re: Clindomycin & C. Diff
Post by: Joe S. on May 17, 2019, 01:20:11 AM
I may have said this before but I decided to post it again. When I broke my thigh, I ended up in a nursing home. For several weeks, my wing was contaminated with C. Diff. Several patients died and several nurses had to take time off to heal.

When ever I felt like I might have diarrhea, I played the kill frequency for C. Diff. on my frequency generator. As far as they were concerned I was some sort of oddity as I never got the disease that every one else did.

After the out break was over they asked how come I did not get it and I told them. After that they showed me the machine they had and did not know how to use. I gave them the frequency list. The frequencies are from Hulda Clarks book, "The Cure for All Disease". The book contains the kill frequencies for a lot of parasites / pathogens.

This last year, a 30yo gal came to with severe Diarrhea. 10 minutes with the C. Diff. kill frequency and it stopped.