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Title: Coated Tongue
Post by: Carolina on November 05, 2018, 07:11:13 AM
Dear Sjogren's Angels,

I have been plagued by a coated tongue for about a year and a half now.   I thought it was thrush and I had an RX for the liquid Diflucan, which seemed to help briefly, but then the thick coating came back.

I was just brushing my tongue with my electric tooth brush every morning, but it didn't really help.

When I saw my dentist in September, she gave me a tongue scraper (plastic strip with a serrated edge).
I use it every morning, and now my tongue is normal!

It turns out that I probably had a regular  'coated tongue' and not Thrush, which is a fungus infection.

OF COURSE one of the causes of coated tongue is our old 'friend' dry mouth.

Here are some links if you need them. I added Thrush, since it is common, but not what I have.

Regards, Elaine

Coated Tongue:

Tongue scraper:


Title: Re: Coated Tongue
Post by: Bigleyj on November 07, 2018, 03:06:55 AM
That's great news 😊

I was diagnosed with oral thrush early on - misdiagnosed and the treatment was making my dry mouth worse!  Grrr

Glad you got it sorted Elaine.

Jo 😊