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Title: Tear duct plugs, possible fibro and MRI
Post by: tlavery on February 07, 2014, 09:19:42 PM
I had plugs inserted into my lower tear ducts today and it wasn't too bad.  The Dr. tried to put plugs in my left tear duct that were too big.  but she finally gave up and put 2 smaller ones in.  My eyes actually feel better! They were the collagen ones, so they should last about a week.  I have the procedure to have them cauterized set for the 25th.  Looking forward to not having my eyes sting all the time.

I also discovered that the referral my new rheumatologist sent over to pain management was for an evaluation for fibromyalgia.  She also ordered an MRI so that we could see if epidurals would be helpful.  I go in for the MRI on Tuesday.  Hopefully they will get the results to the rheumatologist quickly because we will be losing our insurance at the end of this month :(  My husband is being laid off.  JUST what we need :(