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Title: Any other unique urgent care/ER/doctor experiences???
Post by: irish on August 02, 2013, 11:42:31 PM
My son went in to urgent care the other night because he had gotten something in his eye when he was welding the day before. As usual it did not start really hurting until the day after. He sat about 3 hours in urgent care and got in to be seen by the doctor. They called the ophthalmologist on call and he told the urgent care doc that he could not come in as he had no way to get there. What????????

My son came home with antibiotic ointment for his eye and had a very miserable night. I spent some time in the yellow pages and found an opthalmology clinic where he could walk in that next morning for care. I told my son to call and complain and refuse to pay that urgent care bill. What was that eye doc thinking???

Sooo, I was thinking that the rest of you have probably had some really interesting stories to share about health care in this century and probably in countries other than the USA. Thanks Irish
Title: Re: Any other unique urgent care/ER/doctor experiences???
Post by: Carolina on August 04, 2013, 04:22:00 PM
Hi Irish,

I'm sure everyone has a story, or many stories.

The key, of course, is to go to the right ER/Urgent care facility.  And knowing that in an emergent situation is difficult.

Two instances:
My husband had severe pain in his side.  He was actually beginning to hallucinate and have chills. 
By mistake I had him talk by phone with our son (a doctor) about where we should take him for emergency evaluation.
My husband heard the name of the hospital wrong, and we drove at midnight to the major emergency room for the poor of the city.
The ER was so crowded there was NO place to sit!
Everytime I got to the head of the line to register, some family would rush in with a bleeding child, and push me aside.
I called my son back, and he told me we were at the wrong ER.  We went to the right ER of an upscale hospital, no one waiting, we were seen immediately, CT scan, diagnosis, septic gall bladder treatment/surgery begun immediately.

TWO:  Same city, terrible pain in my knee, already saw partner of my orthopedist who (mis)diagnosed  arthritis.   3 AM, I was in agony.
We drove to the orthopedic hospital, woke up the ER physician, who refused to call the doctor to do an MRI, argued with me for an hour, and finally gave me an injection in the knee which calmed the torn meniscus which was jammed in my knee joint.  The speciality hospital was too specialized to deal with emergencies completely.  I should have gone to the same upscale general hospital, but I mistakenly thought that an orthopedic hospital would be superior.  It was superior for the surgery I had two months later, but not for this emergency.

We are clearly educated, reasonably insured, able to communicate.  How people with next to no knowledge and no insurance deal with emergencies is beyond me.


Title: Re: Any other unique urgent care/ER/doctor experiences???
Post by: irish on August 08, 2013, 02:31:08 PM
Elaine, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes it is just the survival of the fitess and the luck of the IRish. We have had so many ER visits that are such a waste that I am literally astounded. I do think that the average doctor depends on the cat scan for almost everything now days and doesn't have the ability to just sit and think and figure things out the old fashioned way.

Don't get me wrong, CT scans are very much needed ---- but not for everything. IRish