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Title: Sinuses---URG!
Post by: ynevar on October 15, 2010, 09:09:54 PM
Went to the doc today, who consulted with the ENT who was visiting the clinic.  They put me on another course of Levaquin, told me to take 400 mg Mucinex every 4 hours, use Afrin every 3 days and to use the Afrin an hour before I fly next week.

I have had a fever the past 2 days.  My ear drums are retracted because of so much pressure in my head and I am tired of my sinuses being so darn stuffy and hurt.  Feels like my face wants to fall off when I bend over.

I did a ton of work around the house today, and am paying for it tonight---pain pain go away...

I want a darn diagnosis and I want some treatment to help me---this is ridiculous... This is my 7th course of antibiotics in a few months.... ARG! URG!! GAHH!!!!

On the bright side I made a plum clafoutis and it will be done in about 20 minutes... movie and clafoutis... nice.... no kids tonight... going to watch a movie and relax.

My fish had 38 babies so I set up another fish tank today (it was in the attic and I hauled it down since I didn't want to wait for my hubby to get home)...

Babies are cute but I am beat..

Title: Re: Sinuses---URG!
Post by: lynnmarie219 on October 16, 2010, 08:39:19 PM
Wow ynever...I feel for you! 7 courses of antibiotics in a few months? Are they doing a full exam when you go? I mean did the ENT examine you nose and ears good with a scope?

If not maybe another opinion is on order if you get no relief from this last round of meds. You need to have a good exam and some answers if the antibiotics are not working for you.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Title: Re: Sinuses---URG!
Post by: irish on October 16, 2010, 10:00:32 PM
ynever, I am hoping that you are having cultures done so that the bacteria are getting hit with the right antibiotic. Welcome to the bad sinus club. I have been messing around for about 15 years with mine and the last 11 years have been serious ones. I have been on 7 antibiotics since January. I have the low t-cells. Have you had any blood work done to check your immune system?? Blood work to check the IgG levels and the t-cells and b-cells.

There are more people with immune disorders (low immune system causes body NOT to fight off infections very well) than one realizes. Those of us with autoiimmune disease can end up with the immune disorders because of the autoimmune disease. Sort of screws up the whole shooting match.

I have had a septoplasty and turbinotomy plus 3 other procedures under anesthesia where doc checked out my sinuses. I will be having another procedure in Nov or so because I am starting to have the abscess-like infections that make me feel so lousy and just go on and on. I plug up in my left sinus and can't blow anything out but can hear and feel the mucus building up. Finally a sudden "kaboom" and it pretty much empties out in a day or two. Not like a cold at all. Never know when this is going to hit. It is driving docs and me nutz. Cat scans can't find it but I know it is there plus I feel like I have a fistula also.

It isn't fun and it sure can ruin your life and interfere with plans. Hope you get yours settled. I keep hoping but am starting to think that there will be no solution in this life. Good life.Irish ;D
Title: Re: Sinuses---URG!
Post by: ynevar on October 18, 2010, 01:38:48 AM
Thank you Irish and Lynnmarie...

Doc is just going to keep me on antibiotics until after my biopsy then they will tackle everything else....

I think I will talk to the ENT about them when I get my biopsy done. 

And--my fish babies are doing well, so far have only lost one.  They at least make me smile and make me really happy!  So cute!

Title: Re: Sinuses---URG!
Post by: gurs on October 18, 2010, 03:30:18 AM
Yeast infections can cause the same sinus symptoms...did the do a cat scan of your sinsues? all those antibiotics can aggravate the condition
too and its allergy season so you may have a combination of things...yeah, a culture should be done if it hasnt.