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Title: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: inga on March 22, 2010, 07:49:02 AM
Here is a link to see who voted for and against reform bill.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 22, 2010, 09:55:30 AM
Interest when you look at where all the no votes came from.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: inga on March 22, 2010, 11:07:57 AM
I am still waiting for Medicare at 55.  If that happens, lots of new jobs for 30 and 40 somethings will open....

Anyway, it is a start.  My concern is it doesn't go FAR enough, and that the middle class still needs MORE help.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 22, 2010, 11:52:15 AM
I ain't even got to look to know those backwooded idiots from my state (TN) voted no, but for the sake of playing along I'll look!
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: inga on March 22, 2010, 01:17:16 PM
Bernice I had the same reaction and watching the whole thing on TV yesterday was something else.....well, at least the whole thing is a start, and if I fall of the income spectrum, I won't die of some treatable disease.  It went right down to seconds before the time limit!

If any one is unhappy with a congressional can always email them!  Likewise, I emailed my representative to tell her thank you for her yes vote.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 22, 2010, 02:08:05 PM
Representative Allen Grayson has a bill in Congress that if passed would allow people to my into Medicare at cost.  This would help a lot of people who are forced to retire early or are self employed and would ad competition in the marketplace as well as hold down costs.

Our Marxist friends in Canada and Europe are luck that they don't have to go to sleep at night wondering if they will have insurance when they wake up.  The Marxist remark is a joke, but that's all we have heard for the last 13 months about government run insurance, oh, most of you die before you get to see a doctor.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: inga on March 22, 2010, 02:37:50 PM
I live close enough to Canada to be very, very comfortable there, eh?
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 22, 2010, 04:27:32 PM
Put me down for Vancover as soon as I touch up on my Chinese, eh.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: susanep on March 22, 2010, 05:40:00 PM
Being  from Tennessee I  am with  you Bernice.

susanep :)
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 22, 2010, 06:25:03 PM
Well let's be thankful for the three we had that were brave enough to do the right thing. That is not an easy thing to do, to break away from traditions, no matter what party you're from. Me I don't get too caught up in the whole party thingie, I just want the right things done, and last night I was very pleased.

So much money is spent on everything else, including other countries , hundreds of dollars for hammers and nails and such, it's about time more is spent on the needs of the people that pay and keep this country going.

It's like a woman with a man, you don't want to give all you got to him in love and support then when you need he's spent out cos he has given to every other fly by night woman. Take care of those that love and take care of you!

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: magistramarla on March 22, 2010, 06:53:57 PM
Some of the idiots who voted no are now planning lawsuits against the government.  I hope that the voters realize that they like this health care plan after it starts benefiting them and then speak with their votes.  Every one of those law-makers who voted no should be voted out of office.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 22, 2010, 07:49:01 PM
You know, it may not be perfect, but it will surely be better than nothing for even many of those that are now opposed to it. Even if you get it and it is not all that you need, give it time to be revamped, after all it has been 100 years in the making all uphill.

I told my husband, that's the thing many of them that are fighting will be the main ones that apply for the benefits. That's O.K too, just do fight to make everything so hard, tune into to other sites, networks that will give you a rounder viewpoint on what's going do as opposed to those that's one sided.

Stop listening to talking points only and remember often times people are against something simply because they or theirs were not the ones to make it happen, even at the expense of any and everything and person, but themselves.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 22, 2010, 10:24:46 PM
At least were starting to move in the right direction, even if it took 100 years.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 23, 2010, 12:05:49 PM

So be it!
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: navydad on March 23, 2010, 04:35:27 PM
I was amazed at some of the peole that were oposed to it,, I asked a few if they were on medicare?, of course we are,, but dont you realize thats a govt sponsered program,also?, usually shuts them up,, or they saqy, but hey,, that means less for me,,
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 23, 2010, 04:41:21 PM
Yeah, I liked the sign the old geezers were carrying that said "Keep the Governments hands off my Social Security".
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: inga on March 23, 2010, 04:54:13 PM
LOL, that is an oxymoron, isn't it?
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 23, 2010, 05:02:52 PM

Somebody should have told some of those that's been calling in on C-Span cos they surely were calling talkin about they (both husband and wife) are on disablity, but don't want Gov't in their business!! I wanted so to call myself, but didn't want to farther trouble the minds of the people listening, having to listen to my brain fog reasoning and these idiots, so I just listened as many others called trying to reason with them to no avail.

I swear some of them must have rocks rolling around in their heads to say such insane things and to allow themselves be taken advantage of by some of these evil politicians screaming, Gov't take over!

These idiots have the nerve to go on national tv talking about what we have had in America has been the best in the world. I'm like, convince that to all the millions that don't have healthcare at all, but the insane thing is they have comvinced some of them.

Guess you can repeatly hit a fool upside the head with a stick and convince em it's just big rain drops falling. ;D ;D ;D

Naw, foolish one you need to be the first one in line to get this healthcare so you can go and get a brain scan and see just how much damage that stick has done to your ole noggin.

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Pisces24 on March 23, 2010, 05:12:15 PM
One thing that bugs me is that they say insurance can't turn you down with pre-existing conditions after 2014.  BUT, they don't say that insurance can't raise the premiums so high you can't afford them.

About 10 yrs ago I had a cousin that went off her insurance because she & husband couldn't afford the $1,000 a month premium. and THAT was quite awhile back.
I shudder to think of that the insurance companies will charge!   :'( :'( :'(
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 23, 2010, 05:35:04 PM
This clause in the bill will take affect before the end of this year, not four years from now dispite what Foxx  and GOP talking points are saying. I don't understand why they are trying to push this when people will see it come in effect soon?? But they are for some reason, I think it's to keep people confused and in an uproar. Don't know though! But I do know that this a Foxx and GOP talking point, but an untrue one.

It does however address this, it says that those with pre-exsisting conditions will be able to choose from insurances with larger pools, thus lowering costs for them. It does speak to this!

I've been watching pretty much all of the major networks, I so want to get take from many prospectives. I find it dangerous to only take from one or two because they will tell you what they want you to think and most of them are bias for their own veiws. I think this is so unfair to the people that truely want truth. The thing of it is, it's so very hard to get down to the bottom truth when listening to all, so you know your view is closed or onesided when just listening to one.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Suzy on March 23, 2010, 05:43:42 PM
Wow! This is so interesting and refreshing. I live in a very conservative area (Georgia) and have been seeing nothing but nasty posts on Facebook. I theorize that those people obviously have not walked in the shoes of a chronically ill person (or paid their medical bills), so they must be blessed enough to have good health. You guys are proving my theory correct :)
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Prairie Gal on March 23, 2010, 06:52:50 PM
I grew up in Canada and still have several relatives there, including my 88 y/o mother.  Their health plans differ slightly from province to province, and, as with many things, have their good and bad points.  My mother has had numerous procedures (several surgeries; angioplasties, etc.) for which she paid nothing.  Their federal and provincial tax rates are consequently higher.

One of the bad points is the length of the waiting time for "non-emergency" surgery.  My mother was in a LOT of pain for almost two years -- you should have seen the size and number of pain patches she wore, often to little effect -- before they did her hip replacement surgery.  Toward the end of the two years, she was OK for about 20 minutes after she got up in the morning and it was downhill from there.  You could watch her face turn gray from the pain.

One of the weird things about the system in Saskatchewan, where she lives, is that she has a lot of difficulty making an appointment.  The eye dr. who did her cataract surgery a couple of years ago was also the only specialist in the city who did other complicated eye procedures.  He was killed when his light plane crashed last summer.  They don't have anyone to replace him yet.  She had to wait to get a letter to tell her who her new eye dr. is.   She sees a cardiologist only annually -- she's had 3 heart attacks -- and has to wait for a letter telling her when the appointment will be.  Maybe it's only her drs. who operate this way, I don't know.

I get concerned about this newly-approved health care plan when I think how they've been telling us for several years how Medicare is in terrible shape financially.  I know, I know -- this plan is supposed to save money all the way around.  I hope they're right, but the gov't hasn't had too great a track record.  Do any of you live in an area where a major government project has been planned and then, oops!  We're a bit over budget, folks.  No kidding.  I doubt that they really know at this point what the financial consequences of this plan will be.  We'll all have to wait and see.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area which has aress where residents have high incomes -- higher than mine by a long shot!  Some drs. are giving up their traditional practices and setting up a concierge-style practice.  This comes with a hefty annual fee, because you're paying for top-notch care. Patients are happy because the dr. spends a lot of time with them instead of whizzing through an appt. in 10-15 minutes.  The drs. like it because they earn more even with fewer patients.  Their patients have little or no waiting time for an appt., etc.

I hope under this new health plan that drs. are paid enough so they'll stick around; in Canada, there's a dearth of drs. in many areas because they've moved to the US where they can earn a better living.  At present, anyway.

Prairie gal
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 23, 2010, 08:00:37 PM
Doctors will get their due pay, now it may be harder for them to fudge the system as much as before, well let's just hope so anyway.

It's said there will be a greater need for more doctors now that more people will be able to have care, which makes sense. So much will have to be seen and even then we will have to work some things out. It is a start and when it's seen that something's not right there is room for changes, just like there has been with SS and all other Gov't ran programs.

For me this thing of knocking it without anything better to offer while knowing all these years that there is such a need, we can not continue to allow our people to suffer and die because  we're fighting over politics, race or whatever. There are bigger and more important things than what or who we like or don't like.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: louise on March 23, 2010, 08:17:54 PM
I have been keeping a close watch on the health care changes . I have listened to all the networks Fox does not say the pre -existing clause takes hold in 2014 it said it is in effect right away. How is all this going to be paid for? Taxes! with all the bail outs and now health care how much do you think our taxes will increase? I had my first child at a state hospital where it was just about free. I was young not much money. So I was glad to have the help. It was not all bad but nothing like a private hospital . I had to wait forever the doctors rush you in and out . I usually saw a student for check ups . Taking my child to the clinic after was horrible . We would wait 2-3 hours in a messy little lobby with some shady looking people. Only to finally see a doctor who would rush us through in 5-10 minutes and treat you like you were annoying them by asking questions. Thank God I found a job with health insurance. I work hard to pay for it so I don't have to go to a clinic and wait for hours to be made to feel like a number on their roster for the day. My doctor  I see now takes his time with me and listens to all I have to ask and say.It is hard enough too find a doctor who knows sjogrens is more than dry eyes and mouth . Doctors are smart people if they can't practice medicine they way they want and get the pay they deserve they will find other proffessions to go into. I have 12 clients that are doctors and 28 that are nurses and 3 physicians assistants not a single one thinks this will be a positive thing for health care. Most have told me they are seriously considering a new profession. If it sounds to good to be true it is . No way can we have health care as we know it now and not pay a big increase in taxes so 40,000 who don't have insurance now can have it.I'm sure a lot of people don't that are working hard and just can't afford it . But I really think most of these people just take what ever they can get for free.We people who have some pride and want to get somewhere in life we budget and work so we can afford insurance and I don't like paying for those idiots who won't work or can't figure out how to work ,smoke ,eat out every meal and wear designer brand clothes  and party every weekend . Then they can't afford insurance . That is one big reason it is so high us that pay for ours end up paying for all those that don't .I have known a lot of people on state paid medical cards some are women I have worked with trying to make it and just don't make enough money to cover everything OK. Everyone of them has been a smoker and a big partier and dresses very nice. I hope this turns out to be a great change it sounds way to good to be true. How can it possibly make the cost go down and keep the same quality we now enjoy? How can we afford any higher taxes too pay for it and the bail outs? Time will tell.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 23, 2010, 09:35:39 PM
I've smoked, partied like a rock star and dress very well, I've also worked and earned everything I got, never been on public assistance of any kind, BUT I do not knock those that are really in need, do I know that there are those that misuse the system? Yes! Do I believe that this is a perfect plan? No! Do I believe it is very needed? Yes!

I just can not justify spending so much money in other countries to rebuild places we tore down needlessly while we have many of our own in dire need. Many people work hard all their lives, but can't afford healthcare, they have paid into this system of things that provide the money that's spent in these other nations, yet when they are in need no help is there for them. Do I think this is right? No!

I think we should be willing to help the least among us. Will there be those that continue to misuse the system? Yes, but we just need to figure out a way to deal with this better. As far as taxes goes, it is our taxes that is spent in to make wars and rebuliding of these nations possible, why not make better use of it by taking care of those that provide the money needed to do all of these things?

Everyday laws are being made to make use of money for one thing or another, it's being spent, why not' spend it on the people?

I have very good healthcare, but still gets just a few minutes in with my doctor at times. I think it depends on doctor! As far as doctors quiting, our major hospital Vandy is thrilled about this healthcare, they say it will bring billions in for them, you had better believe they are smart too! That's good for patients. I just think it all depends on who you listen to and choose to trust.

It's now law, so the best needs to be gotten from it.

One way for it to cost less is that those that fight against it don't use it, but we all know this won't happen.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 23, 2010, 10:18:15 PM
Who do you think paid for you to go to a state clinic?  Tax payers did and I'll never mind paying taxes too help my fellow man.
Getting sick shouldn't mean you go broke or that insurance companies can stop covering you when you get sick and now it's time for them to pay.

Getting cancer isn't like getting pregnant, you can protect yourself from getting pregnant unless your careless, but if you live a healthy life style that doesn't mean you can't get breast cancer, Sjogren's, kidney cancer, bone cancer, a stroke, skin cancer, heart attack  or bladder cancer.  To think that we are the only industrialize county in the world that doesn't provide healthcare to all its citizen, but can afford a trillion dollars on a war is immoral.

Right now doctors practice medicine the way the insurance companies let them.  Fewer and fewer companies  are offering health insurance and when they do, they pay a smaller percentage each year.  I don't have to worry, I have the same insurance plan that your senator and congressman has, but I still don't mind paying taxes to help my fellow man.

There are 47.5 Million people without health insurance not 40 thousand and the number continues to grow.  Every time someone goes to the ER and has no insurance, who do you think pays for that?  We all do, a visit to the ER is a lot more then a trip to see a doctor at his office.  

Sixty-two percent of all bankruptcies were due to medical bills and 75% of those people had health insurance, so much for the lazy people looking for a hand out.  This information probably didn't reach FOX news and no the sky is not falling and there are no death panels waiting to pull the plug on grandma.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: louise on March 23, 2010, 10:55:36 PM
I am not saying that if you party ,smoke and dress like a rock star you have not earned it but if you can do all that pay for your own health care.I don't mind helping those in need either I prefer to choose how and who if possible. I don't know others point of views or opinions and call them idiots because they see things differently either .What does spending money in other countries have to do with health care ? You really think we wont continue to spend money fighting wars and helping other countries ?I agree we spend way too much in other countries and people pay into systems of our government and will probably never use those benefits .That comes along with the freedom we enjoy everyday.Our taxes go for a lot more than war and rebuilding other countries.Can you tell me one single government run program that is a success ?Not the post office,not social security, not Fannie Mae or Freddie mac,not medicare or Medicaid.They have helped some all are in financial trouble. Look at our schools we pay far more now than ever and still are behind private education and other countries that spend a lot less.Why not spend the money being made by the people on the people ? I would like to know myself. In many ways it is spent on us schools streets medicare, Medicaid,welfare etc. But we could all have bought some great health care plans with the money our government chose for us to spend on general motors . They could have given us each American a tax rebate of I'm not sure probably $5000. little less or more instead of helping a few chosen companies. It would have done a lot more for the economy.It is great you have not had too experience public asstiance I have and there is a big difference no matter how much time they spend on you. Why the angry "One way for it to cost less is that those that fight against it don't use it, but we all know this won't happen."?It sounds like you think you have the only opinion that matters. Thank goodness this is still the America I grew up in where you can fight against whatever you choose. And fight for what you believe in I hope you are right and I am wrong I don't have all the answers like you think you do. I just know people come here from other countries for our health care because if you have the money you don't wait for life saving medical care . I haven't heard of any Americans rushing to China or Europe for their free health care.A lot more could have been done to bring the price down but they would not even talk about letting companies compete state to state or torte reform. It all sounds great until you stop and think it through how is it possible?
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: louise on March 23, 2010, 11:13:12 PM
I know who paid for my first child . I am not stupid . I pay my fair share of taxes . I give to plenty of charities . I also know paying for war and having this health care plan pass are in no way related except in your obviously  confused mind. We will still have war and sick people . Skin cancer can be avoided and so can some heart problems and other health issues.I have a different opinion on reforming the system than you do and I respect your view without the insinuating  you are against helping those less able. I hope you are all right and this turns out to be a great thing . I can't help but think about all I pay in taxes already and I can't afford any more. I don't know where you live but in my city I notice people all the time who are receiving public assistance who truth be told don't need it. I know many people do through no fault of their own and those are the ones I have no problem helping. A few bad ones ruin it for the rest of us and we all end up paying.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 24, 2010, 12:13:28 AM
Actually, Americans do go to other countries for medical care, you can buy into the Mexican medical care system for a little over $500 a year and some folks do. Some people have gone to Cuba for treatment and it cost them nothing and China doesn't have a free medical system, just so you know.

Medicare is a highly efficient and successful system that uses 3% of it's operating costs for administration, that is truly amassing.  Nothing wrong with the government run police department or fire department.  The government supplied water and sewers work just fine every place I have lived.

The Army, Navy and Air force seem to work just fine, the Post office delivers a letter across the country in 3 days for only
44 cents  and moves 584 million pieces of mail a day to 150 million locations, every day.   The schools where I have lived were better then most private schools, but we paid for that in taxes and it was still a lot cheaper then private school and provided a lot more educational programs then private schools.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but everyone is not entitle to their own facts, like tort reform saving us a whole lot of money, it's less them 1% of the total cost of medicine in the U.S.  If we had a single payer system or let people buy into Medicare you would spread out the cost by the mere fact that everyone wouldn't be over 65 when your health is on the decline, it's called spreading the risk and great competition to the insurance monopoly.  Not everything should be profit driven in any society, especially healthcare.

Have you ever been to Europe or Canada and seen how their country's run or there medical system work? I have and I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about, the sun will rise tomorrow.  Well that's all I have to say on this subject, gotta watch for the death panel, they might be coming for me or grandma.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: ohiolady on March 24, 2010, 08:15:19 AM
I can see that this has, at least, turned into a more thoughtful discussion.  The thread started out with several of you calling everyone an idiot that didn't think exactly as you did.  I don't think any of you that referred to many Americans as idiots have a full understanding of this bill and I'm not sure anyone fully comprehends the full impact.

My husband and I paid $16,500.00 out of our pocket last year for me.  A portion of this ($3,600.00) was for our premiums and the remaining was for co-insurance.  We are not wealthy but VERY  middleclass.  It would be nice if that money was going toward retirement and savings but that is not the way it is.  Now, will we be any better off with this new plan?????  I just read yesterday that if you are between $30,000.00 and $80,000.00 income range and your employer drops your coverage, you can buy from the government.  Premiums would be $9,000.00 for the year.  Hmmm, we now pay $3,600.00 so that is not going to help me.

I work for a physician and know that the poor will be covered under a medical card for pregancy and emergencies and that includes cancer.  My own brother died from a brain tumor.  He was uninsured and yet the moment he entered the hospital and was diagnosed, he was approved for a medical card and never paid a dime. 

Is there waste in our healthcare system, you bet there is.  Do we need reform, I would say most Americans would say yes.
But, please, please stop referring to us as idiots if we hold a different opinion than you.  I just don't think any of you with your vast array of knowledge, are in a postion to refer to us as idiots.  And, I sure hope that this healthcare policy doesn't end up costing you or you may have to call yourself an idiot.

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 24, 2010, 08:50:55 AM
Look, this is a touchy subject, a good one, but touchy. We all have very strong thoughts about it, but the last thing I want is to bring the hatred that is in the rest of America surrounding this subject into our world here.

Was hoping to have a conversation on the subject without the anger, though. I don't believe I called anyone here an idiot, I referred to some callers from C-Span as I recall. When speaking of those objecting to bill not using it, I don't see what's wrong with that, if they truly feel so strongly to the point of anger and yes hatred about saving our nation this money I would think they would be against use of this money being spent on them and theirs, it would save, but unfortunate most are in it just for the fight, not speaking of you, but alot are, you can tell by the anger and things they say, especially in not getting their way.

There are things that I pay into, but never make use of, I do it to help others and have no problems with it, so for me saying this I did so in sincerity. I too love my nation, but I don't recognize my nation as just a place to live and a dollar, but more importantly it's people, we are a nation of people, living and breathing people that live in this space in the world.

Just like I mentioned about the other nations, I have more compassion for the destruction of the people that are destroyed in these wars, than the land, but I do not believe it our responsibility to rebuild, if they have been a threat to us, then a war may be needed. but I do have a problem with us going into harmless nations destroying both people and land, thus mindless wars! Either way money should not be spent because if they are dangerous to us then we fight then leave and they deal with it or as in old days take over land as our own.Monies spent fighting useless wars in nations that are harmless to us is a waste and morally wrong, IN MY OPINION ONLY.

These are my beliefs with what little understanding I have on the matter, do I have all the answers? No, but I do have and am entitled to my opinions as long as I don't attack or insult anyone else, which I don't think I did, can you say the same? This discussion was not meant to be an personal attack against you, please don't take it that way.

I'm done here, have a nice day!
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Bernice on March 24, 2010, 09:01:08 AM

I did also refer to some politicians of my state as idiots, now if any of you are my state's representatives then I appoligize, but then too I would think you would be used to much worst and have a much thicker skin than worry about lil ole me calling ya names. Guess sometimes we feel free to do so because of the examples you guys set in the chambers and on national tv. But as always we the people are held to a higher standard than our elected leaders, huh?
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: inga on March 24, 2010, 09:22:52 AM
ALL of you are paying taxes for my son to get medical care the rest of his life.  Also for him to receive some disability.  YES your taxes.

Too bad no one thought of taxes when we marched off to war....two wars!  Perhaps that money could have been used for social good in this country versus destruction of a generation of war veterans, and destruction of two foreign lands we now have to rebuild!

I have a son now, with life long injuries, due to an IED.  

And if one more person asks me what an IED is, I will scream!  Americans have not borne their fair share of this war, since we don't have a draft.  If we had a draft, this would stop and the slow bleed of lives and money would stop.  No one even talks about these wars anymore or the cost.  My daughter is facing a second deployment to Afghanistan....and I have to watch her infant, as sick as I am.  What about these costs?

Europeans manage to care for all their citizens, not just the rich.  I guess we just are not that smart.  I would go to Europe for health care in a minute.  I can't afford it.

I would rather pay taxes then huge premiums to insurance companies that invest in bad mortgages.  

I already WAIT a very long time to see specialists....6 to 12 months.  I have insurance from a major provider thru my husband.  If he retires, prior to Medicare kicking in, our premiums based on today, are $1600 per month.  I suspect he must keep working, or we would run out of savings to pay for insurance.  We have a solid pension, 6 figures saved for insurance costs, and 6 figures saved in savings, plus a home.....and we don't have enough.   That poor man endured 35 years in the same job most of that with a salary under 40K.  We never got a handout, ever.  I didn't even get a child care tax credit or student loan tax credit.

I think the cut off for subsidies is too low.  I think a cap on premium inreases is needed, as well as a windfall tax on insurance companies.

And the insurance company had two digit billion dollar profits, last year alone!  They must have gotten some of that from denying my IVIG for several months and throwing me into a major relapse which has still not been contained despite its resumption.  I am a better patient for them if I die soon!  Then they collected premiums and didn't pay out much.  What better way to kill off baby boomers than to deny or delay payment for procedure.  Nothing says death panel than too high a premium or uninsurability.

The goal of insurance companies when the baby boomers were young, was to collect our money for premiums.  NOW that we are old and sick, they want us off their rolls.  Look at demographics....of course it doesn't make sense to have all these old, sick people since their costs exceed premiums.  Insurance companies do not need profits in the billions.  Heck 60 billion $ were saved by putting the student loan program back to what it borrowing from the government.

I think health people who get Medicaid due to joblessness, could be volunteered to do things...pick up litter, do personal chores for people, work for DOT, DMV etc to earn the benefit thery by saving the taxpayer dollars.

I am an RN, and I know this system went nuts when HMOs and for profit medical care was brought in in the early 80's.  Health care is not a good for profit endeavor.

 It is like water.  It is a resource.  Greed does not belong in the equation.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: ohiolady on March 24, 2010, 09:46:44 AM
Wow, some of you seem to have such hatred and disgust for our country.  We have now moved from Healthcare to War.  I'm wondering if some of you that cite Canada, Europe and Mexico as the place to be with all their excellent well run programs might want to consider moving there.  Then, you wouldn't have to put with all the idiots that live here and still believe they live in the greatest nation on earth.  Yes, I'm still patriotic but I guess that just equates to being an idiot.

The Sjogrens board is really not the place for this.  We have been brought together by the common disease called Sjogrens.  People genuinely care about one another and try to offer help as much as possible.  This just brings a lot of bad feelings to the table. 

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: inga on March 24, 2010, 09:51:08 AM
Hatred for my county?  Hatred?

My son almost gave his life and is a decorated vet.  Because we back health care we hate our country?  Because we oppose war, we hate our country?

My daughter faces yet another long deployment, away from her son.

Shame on any one who treats the family of a veteran, who has sacrificed so much, like this.

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: roetta on March 24, 2010, 09:53:35 AM
From a purely personal standpoint, I could not be happier to see this bill passed into law. Of course it is not perfect, but it is definitely a start.

My son was diagnosed with arthritis when he was 11 years old. He has been in remission for 2 years, but because of his pre-existing condition our insurance agent had told him that once he reached the cut off age for staying on our healthcare he would be denied coverage. And then what? What if he needed to go to the doctor? What if, heaven forbid, he was involved in a car accident or some other catastrophic event that landed him in the hospital? Is he supposed to start out his independent adult life with the fear of medical bills ruining his financial life?

Now because of this bill he cannot be denied coverage because of his arthritis - starting this year. Or he can choose to stay on our health plan until 26. What a great thing to have options, where none existed before.

Of course, there will be kinks that have to be worked out and things that will have to be tweaked to make this plan run efficiently. I definitely disagree though that nothing the government touches has run smoothly. There are many government run programs, which have already been mentioned, that run well. Are they perfect, of course not. Nothing will ever be perfect, especially when run by we imperfect human beings.

But if Europe can offer well-run healthcare for its citizens, why can't we? We are supposed to be the greatest super power on earth at this time. Shouldn't a great super power take care of its citizens first and foremost?
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: roetta on March 24, 2010, 09:56:27 AM
And I'm certainly not implying that anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot, or doesn't have the right to speak their mind. I just thought you might be interested to see how this bill has already effected one person in a positive way.
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Scottietottie on March 24, 2010, 10:01:17 AM
OK Folks - this thread has gone far enough.

Sjogren's world policy is that we keep politics and religion off the boards because both can be contentious.

This thread was allowed to 'go' initially because health care obviously affects us all.

We are here because we have a common reason for being here and we are here to inform, to support and to be supported.

No more politics or religion please.

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Epson on March 24, 2010, 10:08:02 AM

I agree with everything you talked about in your post, everything.  I would just add that I hope I don't live as long as my parents did, because I couldn't afford to. Today you need 7 figures to retire and I'm afraid I'll never reach that even with my house being nearly paid off and who knows what their house will be worth in the future.

It is estimated that if insurance premiums continue at the curant rate 40% of Americans will be without health insurance by 2020, that's not too far off.  Now is the time to start doing something about it, before we have a total collapse of the health system.  This gives us time to make amendments and adjustments to the Healthcare Bill, we also get to catch up with the rest of the industrialized world.  And yes bring back the draft, save lives and treasure.

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Scottietottie on March 24, 2010, 10:30:57 AM


If you want to talk politics please pm each other
Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Sheltiemom on March 25, 2010, 04:52:43 PM
Okay, probably not appropriate to reply at this stage.  But if this health care reform thing had been done RIGHT, the pre-existing conditions, Medicare/Medicaid programs and premium caps reforms (the most important) would have been put into law FIRST.  Next a reduction in hospital/treatment/diagnostic/surgical costs.  There was absolutely NO NEED for a total government-controlled overhaul of health care.

As it is, look at the waits we now have to see doctors, especially specialists - the good ones, at any rate.  One is LUCKY not to have to wait six or more weeks.  Just imagine when millions more insureds are loosed into the system.  I wouldn't blame any doctor for throwing in the towel and going to another profession once this massive thing gets rolling. Instead of bashing them, where exactly would we be without them?  Probably a lot of us would be dead before our time.

As Medicare's senior advantage program will be raided and eventually dismantled to the tune of $500 billion - $1 trillion (with no attempt to deny this by even one of the bill's congressional advocates), I'll be looking for some other coverage, if I live that long. What the heck, seniors are nothing but complaining oldies, they've had their day, etc.  Move over for the younger uninsureds, keep quiet and just get under that bus.  Well, no I won't, and will support whatever viable and ethical avenue it takes to force a re-do.

Title: Re: Who voted yes, no. Health care reform
Post by: Linda196 on March 25, 2010, 06:27:39 PM
Because there is a great deal of thoughtful, valuable information in this thread, it will not be removed, but because it's is rapidly drifting into an area that is contentious, and political discussions are against the rules of the forum for that reason, it will be locked.
Thank you, Scottie, for your attempt to prevent this action.
No further posts will be accepted.